Snow Removal


An important step in dealing with snowfall is street salting; top priority is given to the City's main roads. These roads are routes that the City has found to have the heaviest year-round traffic and usually are major arteries running north-south or east-west.


When 2 inches of snow has accumulated and more is expected, snow is more economically removed by plowing rather than salting. All City maintained roads, as well as residential streets will be plowed by the Street Department personnel. Our first responsibility is to open the main roads.

The plows then continue to all secondary streets to clear each one in a sequence that promotes time savings and safety considerations. Remember that trained crews work around-the-clock during such storms to keep the roads open and passable.

Post-Storm Maintenance & Monitoring

After the storm is over, crews continue to monitor all roads for icy spots and areas where winds redeposit the snow in traffic lanes. Usually an application of salt or ashes is applied to all streets so that the riding surface remains drivable. Crews are also dispatched to clear the catch basins so that the melting snow does not create an ice situation.